web project triiiva


A React project using the OpenDB trivia API and Material-UI. Users pick a category, the number of questions to answer, and the level of difficulty. Upon submission, the app makes an API request based on the users selections and randomizes the question and answer data once retrieved. During the game, the app tracks how many answers are correct during the round, and provides the results and a celebration gif at the end of the game.

web project bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4

A front-end project I did following a course online to learn the ins and outs of Bootstrap. Not only did I learn Bootstrap, I learned some new front-end best practices!

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web project connect four

Connect Four

A React mini app I built to really work my JavaScript knowledge (and my brain). On each move, I use JavaScript to check the board for wins -- diagonally, vertically, and horizontally. Using React's state, I conditionally render the board based on whose turn it is and if the round is won or not.